“Delightful, intimate and illuminating portrait of this idiosyncratic artist” – Julian Cowley, The Wire, November 2019

“Scavenger improv artisan, junk mail poet and scrapbook illustrator – Cathy Soreny’s documentary on Adam Bohman is an essential portrait of one of Britain’s most idiosyncratic and quietly prolific artists.” – Peter Strickland

Adam Bohman is a polymath of outsider arts and music. Gleaner of everyday objects, he creates a familiar yet beguiling take on the world around us. Epic improvised music performances conjured from springs, letter racks, lightbulbs and violin bows. Monumental text works from takeaway menus. Kaleidoscopic collages from tin can labels and supermarket leaflets. Continually he records a narrative on daily life upon his trusty dictaphone, posting the tapes all over the world. Meet the real-life muse for Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio, and spend a day in the richly woven web of his creative processes.

Premiere screening: Cafe OTO, London Aug 2019 w/ Secluded Bronte live
Preview screenings: Tusk Festival 2018, Colour Out of Space Festival 2019

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